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Transition Pathway

Some of you may be aware of the work that has been carried out by Southampton City Council and the Clinical Commissioning Group and the services within these areas, in respect of the Transition Pathway.  The Transition Pathway is in place to inform and assist children and young people and their families through their journey when approaching Post 16 and the years that follow.

This involved a joint working group last year between Southampton City Council and the Clinical Commissioning Group and the forum were invited to give input to this.

The new Transition Pathway and Transition Guide are now live on the Southampton City Council website, please see link below:-

If you have a spare  30 mins, please have a look and let us know what you think? We can feed this back for you, good and bad.

PTSA Inclusion conference – January 11th 2019 – Test lands Hub/Compass  School

We were delighted to be invited to attend and present at the PTSA Inclusion Conference, this year focusing on Autism and Inclusion.  The conference is aimed at teaching staff, Local Authority staff and other local SEND organisations.

Gill Waring (one of our steering group) and I presented a workshop based around good working practice, how inclusion can be achievable, how we can all work together to support  our children, young people and families and a general overview of the forum and what we do.  We had a great turnout and it was a really positive session.  Rebecca Bradley-Edwards who is part of the Rose Road team kindly manned the forum stand for us, BIG thank you to Gill Waring and Rebecca Bradley-Edwards for their help.

The highlight was listening to Chris Packham speak, he is one of our hero’s and an inspirational speaker.  He focused on his life growing up in a world that didn’t understand him and he felt he didn’t fit into, his diagnosis of Asperger’s much later in life and how this has impacted his life.  If you ever get a chance to hear him speak, we would highly recommend it, it really is such an inspirational session.

Much to my delight, I had an opportunity to meet him and his beloved dog Scratchy after his keynote speech, which frankly made my year! One for the wall I think 😊

Short Breaks/The Buzz Network/Jigsaw Service Re-design 2017/2018/2019

The forum are working alongside Southampton City Council to give vital parent/carer input and lived experience to the re-design of this vital service.  The new Short Breaks Service is now live with effect fro m 1st April 2019.  Please find below links to find out more about registering your child with the Short Breaks Service and how to access the service –

The Max Card

and The Short Breaks Statement detailing the service and the eligibility criteria that applies

One of the providers that offer sessions via the Short Breaks Service is Activenation.  They offer SEND active sessions for children aged 4-19 years and the majority of sessions cost £3 (some sessions are more expensive depending on the activity).  You will need to present your Max Card at the session.  Please see table below confirming the session dates and timings.  Some of the sessions/activities will be interchangeable on a 10 week rolling contract so keep an eye out for any changes to the session activity and timings etc.

Here’s the link to their Facebook page, please like the page to keep in the loop with any changes or cancellation of sessions etc.

Home to School Transport Consultation 2018

The forum are working alongside Southampton City Council in respect of the upcoming Home to School Transport Consultation.  This is a vital service in the city and many families depend on it to get their children to and from school, increasing the child and young persons independence away from their parent/carers and enabling families to hold down their jobs etc.

Update – December 2018

Thank you for attending the Engagement Events we held during May and June.  We received a huge amount of useful feedback, positive and negative and will be sharing this with the Local Authority during the consultation.

Following the start of the consultation on 1st October 2018, all of the consultation events detailing the proposed changes to the policy have now taken place and the consultation closes on 19th December 2018.  Thank you to those that attended and for the feedback shared.

There is a Facebook Live session with Tammy Marks (SEND Service Manager and Claire Pritchard (SPCF Co-ordinator) that gives more detail on the proposed policy changes – you can watch this session via this link –

More updates to follow after Christmas.

Hampshire Wheelchair Services Update

On 28th November 2018, Southampton Parent Carer Forum and Hampshire Parent Carer Network met with Stephen Trembath (Hampshire CCG) and Georgina Cunningham (Southampton CCG), commissioning managers for Hampshire Wheelchair services.

The meeting was called following reports received from families confirming that the service being provided by Hampshire Wheelchair Services was unacceptable and inadequate with long waiting times.

Please follow link below to find out full information about what was discussed and details of future meetings –

(you may need to copy and paste above link into your internet browser)

More updates to follow shortly.